Thursday, July 29, 2010

Teething Pain Solved

Any parent will agree, when your baby is teething IT'S HELL (or heck, or... is it bad to say hell?) Back in the day... WAY back in the day, parents used to rub - get this - RUM in their babies mouths! WHAT?! Seriously? Alcohol in a babies' mouth? Well no wonder it worked, the babies were too drunk and doped-up to complain about the teething pain. I'm sorry to tell you that today that is just unacceptable for so many reasons. The main reason is that alcohol can put put your baby into convulsions (scary!)

Thankfully there are other options and they are work wonderfully to relieve the pain. There's the usual, Tylenol or Advil and that's great before bed, but let's be honest, even if it works we just can't give our babies this stuff day in and day out. Then there's Orajel, the stuff that numbs away the teething pain. I HATE that stuff! It works for about 5 minutes tops and it full of toxins. I refuse to use it! My favorite thing to use when my babies are teething is all natural, last for at an hour or longer, and calms my baby down. It's called Highlands Homeopathic Teething Tablets. They cost about $10/bottle. They are toxin free, and side effect free (at least I've never heard of or seen any side effects in my experience) They dissolve instantly in a babies mouth and they taste sweet, so it's easy to get your baby to take them. They also contain chamomile and therefore bring a calming effect to your baby. You can find them at Nutrition House, some Shoppers Drug Marts, and most Health Food Stores. Give them a try and let me know what you think.

Hmmmm.... I think Joseph needs some now.

Me Ka Aloha
- Elisabeth

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