Sunday, July 25, 2010

Teach Your Kids to Dance!

If you know me, you know that I used to be a competitive dancer. I was obsessed with dance. I danced 6 days a week, 2.5 hours a day (minimum) and I loved every second of if. There's just something about dancing that makes people feel so alive! That's probably why dance is such a part of our culture. Think about it, when we get married we dance, when we graduate high school we dance, when we want to have fun night out we dance, when something exciting happens we dance, heck when my daughter needs to use the potty she does a little dance. It's so much fun and everyone, regardless of skill level, can have a blast dancing.

July 31st is national dance day (yay!!!) and Tabitha and Napoleon from So You Think You Can Dance have choreographed a fun hip hop routine. Why not get together with your kids and learn this awesome routine? AND if you're brave, video tape it and send your video to the Dizzy Feet Foundation and you might be featured on national television!! It's fun and it's a great way to burn off some extra calories, and it might kick start a new hobby in your kids (or your own) lives :)

Check out the YouTube video!

Me Ka Aloha
- Elisabeth

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