Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Have a Confession to Make...

Seriously, I was bad this weekend, I should be sent to my room after what I've done. I had a very busy weekend filled with fun and friends and FOOD! I feel like a total hypocrite having a blog called healthy families after all the food I indulged in this weekend, but it was so delicious!

On Friday night some friends treated us to dinner in Niagara Falls (who could say no to that?) So, we made the trek to the "Falls" which was totally worth it by the way, and arrived at a restaurant called Copacabana. If you've ever been to Niagara Falls, you've probably seen this restaurant because it's really big and it looks really cool from the outside. Copacabana is a Brazilian "all you can eat" steak house and believe me, I ate everything in sight! Here's how it works. There's a buffet with amazing mashed potatoes, breads, soups, salads, pasta, rice, deviled eggs, etc and you can eat as much as you want, although the waitress warned me not to fill up on the buffet. The waitress gives you a sign to put on your table and one side says "fire it up" and the other says "cool it down". When your sign says "fire it up" you are letting the (hunky) servers know that you want to eat more MEAT. When it says "cool it down" it means you need to take a break. They come around with over 20 different types of meat and they cut a piece off for you to try, and you can request as much as you want. They have prime rib, filet mignon, suckling pig, Parmesan pork, plank steak, Moroccan chicken, cheddar beef, leg of lamb, garlic chicken, you name it, they have it, AND IT'S SO GOOD!!! Seriously, every minute there's some good looking guy standing next to your table offering you a juicy piece of sizzling meat and it just looks and smells delicious so you just have to try some. I used to be a vegetarian and I've never eaten so much meat in my life! I totally pigged out (and feel kind of guilty now). Oh, they also have this amazing roasted pineapple and I swear I ate at least 6 pieces! I'm craving that pineapple right now! I need to learn how to make that because it was delicious! There's also Brazilian dancers with huge feathers on their heads that dance around the tables, shaking their stuff haa haa.

After the gigantic meal and after more meat in one sitting that I eat in a month, we went out for ice cream. I don't know how I managed to fit and ice cream cone in my stomach after all that, but it did. Seriously, that restaurant was SO GOOD, and everyone needs to experience it at least once, but I do feel bad for eating such an insane amount of meat, especially in the summer time when there is so much fresh fruits and vegetables available. I think I'd feel less guilty if it was winter. I told my husband that we should go back in 10 years because that's how long it'll take me to work it all off LOL. All in all it was a great night with great friends and great food. My goal is to learn how to cook meat like that, because I've never really been good at cooking meat.

So there you have it... you can slap me on the wrist next time you see me, or just visit Copas yourself and we'll be even :)

Me Ka Aloha
- Elisabeth

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