Sunday, June 6, 2010

BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES and Losing my Race Virginity

I must be a crazy person for agreeing to do this, but as promised, here are my before and after pictures. The first picture was taken about 2 months after Joseph was born. I started doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and lost about 10-15 pounds in the first month or so. Then I became a total slacker during Christmas and then my baby got sick, then I got sick, and yada yada yada, 4+ months had gone by and I hadn't worked out at all. I slowly got back into it a while ago and also started running. Thing were going great and then I got sick for over THREE weeks!!! Man! That really set me back, especially since I had to train for the Moon in June. Any how, I still lost a bunch of weight though not as much as I wanted. I would still like to lose another 10 pounds, hopefully by the end of summer. Ok so are you ready for this? I know I'm not!


Haa haa ok so not the kind of before and after you were looking for right? Seriously, my before pictures of my flabby body are EMBARRASSING! I was 168 pounds of pure FAT, no muscle or anything, just loose flabby flab. Ok, so there are a bunch of people out there that can make 168 pounds look pretty good because they have muscle and the weight is distributed evenly and stuff, but MY 168 pounds wasn't so pretty. Now I weigh 145 pounds and I think there's some muscle there. I weigh less than I did before I had Joseph and I still have a few more pounds to lose before reaching my goal weight. Maybe when I lose my last 10 pounds I'll post REAL before and after pictures. Something to look forward to, right?

Ok, on to other things...
So you're probably all wondering how the Moon in June went. It was so much fun!! It took place down the road from the store I used to work at and I've always wanted to do it. There were around 800 people running the 5 km and a bunch of my friends were running too. My friend Adam busted out his 80's short shorts, which was HILARIOUS by the way and my friend Joel wore a black spandex suit which covered this entire body, head to toe. I'm not kidding, this outfit covered even his entire face. I wish I had a picture of him but I'm sure it'll show up in the newspaper or something. Ok so my friends and I all gathered at the very front of the starting line, next to a few runners I know that usually win every race. My heart was pounding because I was so darn nervous. This was after all, my very first race! I wanted to be able to run the entire thing and do it in a reasonable amount of time, I mean really, I didn't want to be the one strolling in last place. I just didn't know what to expect and all the people around me just made me nervous and excited all at the same time. When the race started a bunch or runners raced on ahead of me. I just kept on running at the pace I was used to running (which isn't very fast at all) My heart was racing faster than I was running and I knew that if I didn't settle down, I was going to have a really hard time finishing. I felt like absolute crap during the first half of the race, which doesn't surprise me. I always feel the worst during the first half of any run. Any way, as I was running around the 2 Km mark, some punk kid with a skate board decided to dart in front of a bunch of the runners to mess them up. He thought he was being funny. He darted in front of me and as I tried to dodge him, he darted in front of me again! It totally threw me off a good 10 seconds or so. Well after that deterrent things were great. There were people standing on the sidewalks giving high fives and cheering everyone on, and I totally gave some cute kids on a bike a high five as I passed. As I raced a bunch of faster runners passed me including some kids that must have been like 10 years old or something. I wasn't sure if I should be impressed by they're speed or depressed by my lack of speed. Well, I ran and ran and ran and never stopped and as I reached the finish line, the guy on the loud speaker said "just about 20 more steps. YOU CAN DO IT!" and I DID! I did it! I finished my very first race, running the entire time. I guess you could say I lost my race virginity haa haa! When I crossed the finish line Dave and the kids were there with the video camera, cheering me on and Joseph had had enough of all the loud clapping and shouting. Joseph was absolutely mad and crying like crazy. As I crossed the finish line, Dave handed Joseph to me right away. The job of a mother is non-stop! Well, I may have not won the race, or even won in my age category, but I did it AND I walked away with a free case of Gatorade :) My next goal is to finish the race with a better time, maybe 3-4 minutes faster. I think I might run a 5 km race in October at the Zoo because my older brother and his family might do it too. I'll keep you all posted.

Me Ka Aloha
- Elisabeth


  1. Oh man you are putting pressure on me now girl! I´d better get my fat burning and my flabdomen (great word btw!)nice and tight. I´ll se you on the thin side! :)

    Great job! Tell me what you did!

  2. Ahh, congratulations on running your first race!!

    I have to tell you, I found your blog through Red's a couple weeks ago and your blog and goals have been such an inspiration to me! I've always wanted to run a 5k race, but since I had Elijah I've been having a hard time finding time to work out and also wondering how much I SHOULD work out. Then I read that you were doing all these workouts while still nursing and I was like, "If she can do it, I can too!"

    So I decided to run the 5k race in the Grimsby Peachbud on June 29th, even though I hadn't set foot on my treadmill in over a year. My goal is to jog the whole thing, despite having 4 weeks to do so (well, 3 now,) and after one week of working out I can already go the full 5k! There's a little walking in there, mind you, but I'm way too excited about it. And I'm not saying this to brag, I'm saying it because it was totally your post about doing the 5.4k in a week of working out that motivated me so much. Usually I jog really slow and I don't push myself much, but I've been pushing myself harder because I'm so completely inspired by you and your accomplishments!

    So I guess what I'm saying is, you rock. Keep up the amazing work!!

  3. Holy, that's so amazing that you've been running!!! I'm glad to have inspired you!I really wanted to do the Peach Bud, and I still might since a lot of people in the stake are doing it. Keep up the good work!!

  4. .........I'll have to double-check my schedule AND cross my fingers that the one I'm getting over is my last cold for the month of June, but I'd be down with doing the PeachBud with you gals. ;) Ladies, let me know! hahaha

  5. When you said you lost your race virginity I began thinking you did some diabolical experiment and altered your race from Chinese/English to Arab/African or something like that.


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