Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Did You Feel THAT?!

I'm sure you've all heard by now, but just in case you're living in a bubble, we had an EARTHQUAKE today!! Wow, it wasn't very strong but it scared the dickens out of me! I didn't think we had earthquakes here and after what happened in Haiti, it sure makes me nervous. I didn't really feel the rumble because I was running up the stairs as it was happening, but I sure heard it. I walked into my kitchen and heard low rumbling coming from my sink area. I thought "oh geeez is my plumbing about to explode?" Then as I got closer I could hear the pots and pans shaking, and my microwave was shaking. I suddenly realized what was going on. My husband was downstairs when it happened and he yelled "Elisabeth, did you feel that?" He described it as feeling like someone was shaking the couch. The last time we had an earthquake, I was 19 (and I'm pretty sure that was the first earthquake I've ever experienced in my life) and it felt like someone heavy had fallen down the stairs or something. Any way, they say this earthquake measured 5.5 and it hit twice in Ottawa.

This reminded me that anything can happen and that we need to be prepared for it. It's important to have supplies and food on hand for emergencies and it's important to establish an emergency plan for your family. I know what we'll be talking about for next weeks family night!

Did any of YOU feel the quake? What was it like and where were you?

Stay Safe!
- Elisabeth

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