Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Best Running Socks

Did you ever think that I would write an entire blog post about socks? Like really, it's just a sock right? Is there really any difference between the cotton sports socks from the value pack from Wal-Mart and the expensive kind that cost $15 a pair? Oh yes, YES there is!

Before I started having kids, I worked at a running store. The owners of the store were big on having the BEST selection in the area, and they totally did. They had an entire wall dedicated to running socks. There must have been at least 20 different styles and makes to choose from. They had $8 socks made out of thin, moisture wicking polyester (I hated those), $25 socks made from a special combo of nylon and moisture wicking polyester, specially engineered to support all the muscles in the feet (those weren't worth the money AND they make everyone's feet stink really bad), and everything in between. I had tried at least 10 different kinds of socks, but didn't really love them that much. One day I noticed a pair of grayish-lilac colored, ankle socks in the top corner of the "sock wall". I thought they were cute and I liked that they were low cut so I grabbed a pair. I turned the packaging around and saw the price tag $13! WHAT?! $13 for a single pair of socks??? And what's this Smartwool brand any way? I thought "forget it! I've never heard of Smartwool before, they're too expensive, and who really wants to put wool on their feet anyway?"

A few weeks later the owner was in the store and I asked "what's with those WOOL socks? I thought runners only wore 'coolmax' or polyester wicking socks?" He said "Hmmm those look like a neat little pair. Here take them. Tell me what you think." So there I was, with a $13 pair of wool running socks, and they were very cute looking. I jumped on the internet and googled Smartwool because I was curious to see what they had to say. I went to their website and was very impressed with what I discovered. They used Smart technology to make wool soft (no itching), durable, it won't shrink in the washer or dryer, AND it's environmentally friendly (from a renewable resource). Just look at the comparison chart.

Wicks moisture
Absorbs moisture
Moisture evaporates so inside of shoe stays dry

Insulates so feet stay cool in simmer, warm in winter

Maintains cushioning

Blister resistant

Fungus resistant

Stink resistant

Machine washable and dryable
No fabric softners required

Environmentally friendly
No shrink

I put on the socks and was impressed with how comfortable they were. I went for a run, in the HEAT of summer, and I was expecting my feet to be sweaty and stinky when I pulled those socks off. To my amazement, my feet were BONE DRY and didn't smell at all, AND no blisters! Smartwool socks kept my feet dryer than any of the other running socks I'd ever tried. Wow! How come nobody told me about these socks before and how come nobody is buying them? Maybe they don't know all the benefits either.

I started recommending Smartwool to all the runners and they would come back a few days later telling me how much they loved them and bought a second pair. Suddenly Smartwool socks were flying off the shelves! People loved how they didn't smell at all after wearing them for a long run, and they loved how well they wicked the sweat off their feet. People started also buying Smartwool running clothing, in winter AND summer because Smartwool regulates the body's temperature better than synthetics.

Honestly, I could go on and on about the amazing technology of Smartwool, but I just HIGHLY recommend that you try a pair for yourself and let me know what you think!

Smartwool Lover for Life
- Elisabeth

To learn more about the amazingness of Smartwool and to see their newest styles, visit

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  1. Excellent post! Smartwool running socks have always been smarter than the rest.


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