Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy 50th Mom!

One look at my Mother and you'd never guess that she's 50 years old, a mother of 5, or a grandmother of 4. She looks way younger and has often been mistaken for my sister. My mother has also been very aware of what foods she eats and works out regularly. Even though she thinks she needs to loose weight, there are a lot of women out there that wish they could look as good as she does especially considering she's had 5 (beautiful) kids.

My Mom has taught me so much in my life and has raised me to care about my health. As kids, she never let us eat white bread, canned pasta, processed cheese, or instant mashed potatoes. She encouraged us to take our vitamins, drink plenty of water, eat salad, and to buy organic as often as possible. My Mom is the reason why I chose to go as natural as possible during my pregnancies and delivery of my children (my mother gave birth at home with midwives... drug free! I used a midwife with both my children and Joseph was born at home.) It was her advice and help that I was able to breast feed my babies, even though I so badly wanted to give up at first. She taught me how to make pesto, a weekly favorite at my house!

My Mom has also taught me the value of being a stay at home mom and to cherish every single moment with my family. Her creativity and energy made growing up so much fun, and she now uses those same skills to entertain the grandchildren. I know that she sacrificed a lot to raise my siblings and I, putting us first instead of her own interests. I hope that I can follow in her example.

I love you Mom!! Happy 50th!!

Me Ka Aloha (with love)
- Elisabeth

Mom enjoying life! (last year in Florida)

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