Thursday, March 18, 2010

Run, Run as Fast as You Can. You Can't Catch me I'm the Gingerbread (wo)Man - made with whole wheat flour of course ;)

Rolls, Muffin top, love handles, spare tire, flabdomen... whatever you call it, I have it. See, I'm half Chinese, and Asian women are know for their "lack of curves". Asian women have rectangle shaped bodies, flat and straight... ya that's me, well half of me. I managed to get boobs from my Dad's gene pool, along with long legs (chicken legs according to Dave). I got the minimalist hips and butt gene from my Mom, but I lack severely in the "hour glass" figure department. I have no waist line at all, meaning that my waist is the same size as my hips, pretty much. To make matters worse, I had 2 babies in 18 months. Not only did I start off with a not so desirable waist-line, but now I have a mummy tummy to work on. Just imagine an apple with legs, and you've got me.

Alright, so obviously I'm not a fan of my flabdomen, so what's my plan of attack you ask? I'm going to run, run, RUN!!! No amount of sit-ups are going to shrink my waist line. They'll make my abs stronger, but I need to shed the surrounding fat, and the only way to do that is CARDIO! I posted a want ad on facebook "running buddy needed to help shed muffin top" and I got a lot of response. Mostly people saying, "what's a muffin top" or "I love muffins" or "I would if we lived closer". Then I got the golden facebook message from my friend Adam, who too is looking to get back in shape. Hurray!!

I charted out a 5Km run, and we went out last night. The run was going around the block twice to equal a little more than 5Km and we did the "run for one minute, walk for one minute" technique. It was SO EASY at first, but the last stretch was pretty exhausting (man I need to work on my cardio) haa haa haa and we only went around the block ONCE, (or something like that. I'm terrible at directions and forgot which street to turn on, but ended up back home somehow). Ya, that's right, we only did 2.5Km. Pathetic? Yes! But we will get better, that's for certain. My goal is to A) loose the muffin top B) Run the Peach Bud 5Km race on June 29th C) Get in tip top shape before I dare get pregnant again.

I'll post pictures of me on race day. Wish me luck!

Adam, if you're reading this, there's no turning back now. It's been blogged about, now we have to deliver.

Me Ka Aloha (with love)

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  1. LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it.

    Running is AWESOME because it uses like, your WHOLE body's musculature so you're torching calories like CRAZY!

    While you're working on endurance, mainly, it's occasionally AWESOME to do "intervals" and stuff too - I'll explain it all to you in person, later, but you get WAY more bang for your buck because you're pushing at so much higher a level....

    KUDOS, darlin'! Definitely make sure I sign up for that race with ya'!


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