Monday, March 15, 2010

Oprah's website is full of GREAT nutrition advice.

A few times a week I get Oprah newsletters in my inbox. I'm not really sure when I signed up to receive such emails since I RARELY tune into Oprah's church - er, I mean show, but I have to admit that her show has some pretty good nutrition advice from time to time. Now, most of the time I delete those emails telling which jeans to buy or talking about some celebrity, but today's email was all about nutrition. I found it pretty interesting and thought I'd share.

The first story is about a woman attempting to eat healthy on a budget. Sound familiar? That's a major struggle in our home, especially with a financial planner for a husband. After reading her story, I think I'm going to watch Food Inc, WITH my husband so we can both hear what it has to say about the foods we eat. Maybe after watching it Dave will think twice about getting a McDonald's $1.39 double cheeseburger and instead spend a couple more dollars on a whole wheat sub.

The second is about a man named Thich Nhat Hanh, a World-renowned Buddhist master, who teamed up with nutritionist Dr. Lilian Cheung to change the way we eat with their book Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Living. I really want to buy this book (maybe I'll buy it for myself when I loose 10 pounds, ooohhh and a pair of Lululemon pants). A lot of the strategies sound easy, while others will take time to adjust. In any case, I'm a strong believer that health and nutrition is a lifestyle, not a fad, gimmick, or fake foods, and this book is all about that. I really like this quote "This is an unprecedented time in history. Globally, there are more people who are overweight than who are hungry and underweight. Scientists have already warned us that if the overweight and obesity trend is not turned around, this generation of youth will have a lifespan shorter than their parents." To read the full story see

I really wish I has seen her show today and hear everything Thich Nhat Hanh had to say, but I totally forgot to PVR it and instead went on a walk on the beach with my family (I think that's probably better anyway). Did any of you see it? Did it inspire you at all? What did you think?

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  1. That books looks great! I can't believe that there are more people overweight than there are underweight. That's pretty shocking. It just shows you how messed up our relationship with food can be in the western hemishpere.


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