Monday, January 25, 2010

Ikea isn't just a place to get cheap furniture

I am one of those lucky people to be within minutes of an Ikea store. Actually, my in-laws are even luckier, they live within walking distance. Did you know that Ikea has a restaurant and a grocery section? They do and they are totally awesome! In the restaurant you can get a plate of organic vegetarian pasta for $1.99! They also serve great kids meals for $1.99. Rosie likes to get macaroni and cheese and juice. I should also mention that with every adult meal, you can get a jar of baby food for free! The four of us can eat a great and healthy meal for less than $10. It probably goes without saying that we visit Ikea on a regular basis.

In the grocery section I like to buy Anna's ginger cookies, which are usually 3 packs for $3. The thing I love about these cookies is the ingredient list. They use only natural ingredients. There's nothing on the list that I haven't heard of before, no artificial colors or preservatives. They are also low in calories. Six cookies amount to only 140 calories which is WAY less than other store bought cookies. As a bonus, the ginger in the cookies helps with nausea (morning sickness - trust me), digestive problems, circulation problems, and a great anti-inflammatory.

Have I made you hungry yet? Pop by Ikea for a healthy meal, and grab some cookies for the ride home ;)

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  1. Seconds after I posted this, Dave came downstairs and asked me if I wanted to go to Ikea for dinner LOL. When we got there, our friends Dan and Lauren were there, AND Dave's parents, sisters, and grandmother.


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