Friday, July 8, 2011

Pat Myself on the Back

Sometimes I wonder if my kids are ever learning anything valuable from me. I often feel like they only pick up the not-so-nice habits from my husband and I. Like when Rosie (3 and a half years old) screamed "listen to me right now" at her brother the other day.

Well the other day Rosie proved that she is learning something great. I filled a couple bowls with Goldfish crackers and gave one to Joseph and one to Rosie. Rosie said "no thank you. Goldfish are not healthy. I want an apple." I was so excited to hear that! Then five minutes later, Dave walked into the house with McDonalds french fries. I thought Rosie would eat them for sure, but.... "french fries aren't healthy Daddy." Wooo hoooo!!! I'm so glad she's starting to understand. It was one of those "oh I'm such a good mommy" moment :) Now if only I could convince my husband that french fries are not healthy.

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