Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Truth About the "Blog Break"

Recently I went on a blog break. I said it was because my life was getting really busy and that my kiddies needed my attention. While this is all true, the real reason for going on break is because....

I'm pregnant again! Baby is due in June :) I get really sick when I'm pregnant and I have to take medication to keep me from throwing up every 10 minutes. The side effect of taking this medication is that it makes me really drowsy. There have honestly been days where I've done nothing but sleep on the couch while my kids watch Dora (horrible, I know). Finding time to write a blog, let alone a blog about food has been next to impossible.

I will try my best to post something every now and then until life is back to normal. I'll be posting after I have the baby, giving you all updates about my post pregnancy weight loss.

Me Ka Aloha
- Elisabeth

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